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Dragon lady of treasures
Price: Inquiry
Player: For 2,4,6,8,10 Players
Voltage: 110V/220V
Place of Origin: China
Brand: YT
Language: English

Product Description

   FishingGame Machine Features.

   1. Immersive characters graphic and 3D undersea backgroundmake players irresistible
   2. Exciting mini gameplay and bonusincreased the fun.
   3. Easy operation and management
   4. Compatible with key in/out credit,coin in/out, bill acceptor/ printer, card system, POS system, suitable fordifferent locations and state law.
   5. Get the profits easily andcontinually.
   6. Stably math and software, highprofit hold, easy to win back cost

   How To Play.

   1.Put the coins into the fishing machine;

   2.Press the start button, swirl the joystick, press firebuttom to catching fish;
   3.You can change the grade of thepower;
   4.After you win, the machine willreturn the conins or tickets as the Scroe.

龙女传说LOGO.png龙女传说 (13).png龙女传说 (12).png

Detailed Image

Game Machine QC


1. Tidy Wiring

With label and different colors to distinguish cable   easily, unified fixed direction to make maintain friendly

2. Electricity Safely

Power switch and cable connect interface is insulated   and reinforced, with special warming label in cautious position

3. Malfunctional Harness

Customize harness is compatible with different game and   external equipment, easy extend function and installation.

Tinned   copper cable: thermosability, anti – oxidation, can   reduce the oxidation problems caused by sea salt moisture.

4. Lift-easily Screen

Maintain and replace kit friendly, operation from   cabinet top instead of lying down inside the cabinet door

5. Functional Expansion

Compatible with the necessary equipment, such as: bill   acceptor (MEI, ICT, ITL, etc.), printer (58CR), coin acceptor, coin   dispenser, lottery machine, POS system, card system ,RKS and so on

6. Top Quality

Game   Machine

A. Top Quality Cabinet:
Panel   20% thicker than normal
Laser   cut
Computerized   Numerical Control machining
Baking   varnish craft
Available   equipped: Casters for short distance transportation, cup holder, ashtray,   charging port, armrest, pedal etc

B. Joystick and Buttons:
Gold,   silver contact micro switch especially designed for export, one million times   trouble- free.

C. Power Supply:
Using   high-power 100-240V wide voltage export-type power supply, test 20 days 24   hours of heavy load uninterrupted work without fault

D. LCD Screen:
Custom   LCD screen, high-definition, 72 hours test before installation

7. Unified Installation Standard

Position placement, interface orientation, cut-out   position, size fixed, user- friendly and provide efficient technical support

8. High Quality HD LCD Screen

1080*7200HD LCD Screen,More Colorful and Clear

YUTO Animation(Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009,Located in the animation industry base of Guangzhou, China.Is a professional resarch and development production of fishing game machine supplier.......
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